Visibility-building, Content-driven Publications, Programs & Materials

Cohen Communications focuses on visibility building by creating and developing content and impactful publications, materials and programs that advance public interest organizations and causes.

I help clients identify, develop and promote high-quality, targeted content so that their communications program, assets and brand shine. As a full-service content strategy and services company, I offer a variety of options that will benefit your organization or cause: I can craft a communications plan; design a newsletter, magazine or website; write a compelling feature article, fact sheet, op-ed or blog post; edit a report; create a high-visibility event; produce a catchy video; develop a power house press kit; capitalize on traditional or social media; and many more.

I take a collaborative approach and work with your goals, values, budgets and deadlines in mind to develop the optimal mix of effective communication vehicles. I offer the following discreet and overlapping professional services, and include a representative work highlight for each:

Content Strategy & Development

Develop, articulate and deliver ideas through innovative, purposeful plans, materials and packages.

  • Created and edited five University of California publications, and redesigned two others, to more effectively position and reflect various UC assets and engage readers.

Messaging, Positioning & Storylines

Design and communicate key messages and resonant stories to increase impact and enhance visibility.

  • Developed messaging and advocacy strategies that influenced key California policy decisions in mathematics and science education.

Writing & Editing

Craft content to ensure messages are clear, consistent and compelling. Perform keen information gathering and a nose for stories that put a face on people and places.

  • Launched, wrote and edited award-winning magazine and student recruitment publications that promoted UC Berkeley School of Education programs, research, issues and people.

Print & Online Publications & Collateral

Target and package your core messages for the best medium.

  • Produced award-winning marketing videos for organizations; and directed, shot, and edited award-winning documentary broadcast on Bay Area PBS and cable stations.

Digital and Social Media Programs

Define your goals, extend your reach, gain control of your online image and measure the results.

  • Designed and produced e-mail and social media marketing campaign for WriterCoach Connection that nearly tripled individual contributions over two years (2012–2014) and doubled donations over one year (2013–2014).

Content-Rich Events

Initiate, design and produce popular programs and events, converting opportunities into workable plans in a timely and affordable fashion.

  • Initiated, directed and promoted successful UC Berkeley public forum series on topical and complex issues in public education that became an annual event.

Web Content Development/Maintenance

Create a clean, complementary mix of content and design to build your brand and boost impact.

  • Developed and produced complete web and digital media redesign for non-profit educational organization, reflecting key organizational objectives and established branding.

Earned Media

Take a proactive approach to build and enhance your organization’s public profile.

  • Launched, packaged and followed earned-media strategies that received favorable coverage of University of California events, people and programs in key state and national media outlets.